Electronica Has Never Been So Relaxing

When listening to Track 8, you’ll feel like you’re here. 

Musical artist, Pogo, has created an album that caresses the ear drums and bathes the mind in waves of nostalgia. From Disney to video games he takes several influences and mashes them into something relaxing.

Music in the electronic genre is typically focused on getting the listener up and moving but Pogo’s album, Kindred Shadow, is bringing something new and refreshing. The album leans towards easy-listening. The chopped vocals and samples from pop culture blend together to create a sound of subtle wonderment.

The songs on the album are great for casual listening while doing anything relaxing, calming or tedious. Most of the songs on the album have little to no lyrics which may not be for everyone but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not to say that these songs are devoid of lyrics the artist utilizes a variety of samples. Such as on the opening track, Sky Heart, Pogo uses a voice clip from the game Skyrim, released in 2011, to open the album.

“You’re new around here, so I’ll go easy on ya,” said Frodnar, the character from Skyrim.

This is from the beginning of the game so when I heard it at the beginning of the album I was doused in a feeling of nostalgia and anticipation of how this album would play out. Grabbing audio samples from games may not be new to the electric genre but Pogo uses it in a way that makes it feel fresh. The rest of the song is nonsensical chopped vocals which although may sound odd it creates a soothing melody that goes perfect as background music to everyday life.


From the album artwork you can tell you’re in for a whimsical sort of album. 

The majority of the songs feature a variety of the typical sounds used in electronic music, however, pogo also utilizes sounds from nature including birds chirping and rain drops falling. It’s difficult to incorporate natural noises and have them merge with industrial sounds but the Kindred Shadow album really found a bridge for the two sounds.

Track 8, Rise and Glide, is my favourite on the album utilizing a mix of Eurobeat and Caribbean influences.  The way the sound was mixed with ambient audience sound gave the feeling of being live at a music festival. The clapping brings high energy to the song that fits perfectly with the Eurobeat influences. Eurobeat is one of my favourite genres of music so that could be partially of why this track was my favourite.

Track 9, Yore, sadly takes away the upbeat mood from the last track and created. The track repeats the phrase ‘Oh Yeah’ continuously which became the audio equivalent of being stubbed in the toe repeatedly.

Kindred Shadow is a unique album drawing from a variety of influences mixing together into an electronic album that can be listened to casually while indulging in casual gaming or other relaxing tasks.



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